Vista Sand Explains Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Veterans

If you’re looking for a reliable, intelligent individual to add to your staff, you should consider hiring a veteran. Vista Sand is proud to maintain the website where veterans can apply for a variety of positions in a growing industry with no signs of slowing down. Vista Sand is one of the largest proppant providers in the United States and is currently expanding. At Vista Sand, you don’t apply for a job; you apply for a career. So, if you know a veteran in need of work, point them in the direction of Vista Sand.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Veteran


You Won’t Need a Character Reference:  The veteran’s decision to enlist and serve his or her country is all the reference you need to have.

A Veteran Is a Trained Leader: Military servicemen and servicewomen are trained on leadership skills to ensure the success of a mission. Many are promoted to positions of authority where lives literally hang on their leadership.

Veterans Focus on Goals: There is no participation award in the military. You either achieve your mission or you don’t. In order to achieve these goals, military personnel are taught the collaborative and communication skills needed to achieve a successful mission.

Veterans Have a Strong Work Ethic: You don’t slack off in the military. You can’t as it could result in the loss of lives. Those in the military must work hard in order to accomplish missions. Veterans usually bring that same work to the workplace after their service is complete.

Veterans Understand Teamwork: Although veterans are quick-thinking and can work well independently, they are also taught to work well in a team setting. If you are looking for a team player, hire a veteran.